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$138.00 / per hr, 2hr min 


There’s no question the current explosion in popularity of foilboards is due to the recent innovations in speed and handling which have found a perfect niche in various disciplines of racing. However, it remains to be seen if the latest incarnation of foilboarding has any long-term staying power in the broader kiteboarding market. The overall consensus is that foil development is still in its infancy. While the gear continues to be refined for racing, the promise of more affordable production foils and the allure of silently and smoothly floating above the water in the lightest winds suggest foiling might be a compelling purchase for many enthusiasts. The big deterrents for the average kiter remain the current high cost, waiting lists to purchase foils, and the awkward and humbling learning process. However, the ability to shrink one’s kite quiver while eliminating the cost of a monster-sized kite may prove irresistible. If not, there’s always the priceless experience of hovering across the water in 10 knots of wind as your non-foiling friends watch with envy from the beach.


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level 1, beginners Group lesson  3 hours $270 per person  

this is for friends , family or any one who wants to bring another person along for a lesson .

Group lessons are set up for people who want to bring along a family member or friends, the first hour is spent in one group with the head instructor who will teach

1) safety, 2) wind direction, 3) how to use beach space, 4) equipment, recognition by name, 5) equipment setup

The second and third hour the students will be separated and designated their own instructors to continue their level one training

Maximum 3 people per group

Lesson 3 hours " $270 per person "

Store Location 953 3rd ave North , Naples Florida

239-6012700 enrique (certified instructor i.k.o level 2)

kiteboarding hydrofoil lessons and gear

Tips and tricks

Tired of trying to figure it out alone?

$ 120 per hour , with your gear $100

This lessons is for beginner  or riders who have gotten up on the board and are ready to go one step futher.if you are not getting anywhere by yourself this lesson is perfect for you


Stop transition
Toe-side transition
Toe-side riding-Riding up-wind
Slide transition - Hook , first-kiteloop


 Trainer kite complete with kiteboarding beginners dvd

Get  ready for  the lesson

Naples - Marco Island - Fort Myers Kiteboarding Lessons, IKO PRO

I want it all! level 1 complete

Private lesson level 1 information $300

This 3 hours lesson will take you from your first flight to body drags . We cater lessons to each individual's strength, ensuring we complete the lesson at the right pace for you. Kiteboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. The learning curve is fairly quick in relation to other sports. Without proper instruction, kiteboarding can be dangerous, so we'll be sure to take each progression at a speed that is comfortable for both the student and instructor.

The goal on this course is to give the student the information to understand and correctly rig up a inflatable 4/5 line kite on a safe scenario; to understand and determine the wind direction according the beach where he will be. Correctly launch and land the right size power kite with assistance and to be able to do body dragging. The ability and coordination of the student will improve. This process will be faster or slower depending on the weather conditions during the course as well as the student coordination skills. Oriented for people 12 to 50 + year old, underage  with parent’s approval and supervision, Water skills will be required as for good swimming and being comfortable with the ocean and waves. Please let us know of any Back or any bone problem

call 239-601-2700 Enrique (certified i.k.o senior  level 2)

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