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It got windy , no problem , convert your paddleboard into a sup wind.

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Model year: 2016

 A complete Neil Pryde sail/rig pack to convert your windsurf SUP.

The Experience EVO Windsurf SUP sail rig from JP-Australia /Neil Pryde allows you to convert an inflatable SUP with mast base plug into a windsurfing board. Made from dacron, the sail features a PVC window to increase longevity, which is especially useful in high UV locations. 

All parts are packed in one compact bag, which includes a complete rig pack consisting of sail, mast, boom, mastfoot, uphaul and batten tensioner.

Features and specifications:

4.5 meter sail rig is good for beginner to intermediate windsurfers.
Compact mast sleeve provides easier uphauling
A low batten protection strip reduces wear on the sail.
Mast foot protector reduces abrasion.
Plastic reinforced webbing strip provides extra foot protection
Four battens with RDM mast for ultimate stability and durability in stronger wind.
High cut, rienforced clew
Compact and easy to uphaul.
Good for lighter to medium winds
Bag size: 70 x 18 x 5 inches
Weight: 20 lbs
Color: Yellow

Neil Pryde Experience EVO Windsurf SUP Sail Rig - 4.5m

​Retail Price: $529.00 : IN STOCK